Who are we ?

MMS is a free solution company mainly focusing on maintenance for all yachts. We have members of our team who have worked on yachts for years and we understand exactly what life is like onboard.

We know time is very precious throughout the yachting world this is why we focus on helping captains and all crews find contractors for the work they need at no cost for the yacht.

How does it work ?

After a quick phone call or a email explaining exactly what you are looking for. Our team will get to work with finding contractors for your needs.

We will then provide the yacht with as many quotes as needed. Once the yacht is happy with the quotation we can then arrange a date and time for the contractor/s to meet you onboard.

Rewards for the crew

As a thank you to captains and crew for using our services we often give yachts rewards such as..


Bar tabs / dinners
for crew nights




Adventure days
for crew


Cash giveaways


Data plans for crews


And more !

Contact us

For any further questions contact us on:

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